Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Windows 2000 Server "Foreign" Disk?

Had a lot of trouble this weekend simply changing a disk from one server to another. The first server had an IDE drive as the system disk, the second disk is a sata disk where mysql data was stored (there is a proven performance benefit with many programs to run the executables on one drive, and store the associated data on another).

The mysql sata disk was to go to a new server - a server with the same name going into the same domain. Windows 2000 server recognised the disk once it had been swapped, but after loading drivers and asking for a reboot - still did not show the disk in windows explorer.

I had noticed in the disk management snap-on in control panel-administrative tools-computer management - that the drive was actually being recognised - but was flagged as dynamic and "foreign"... I scratched my head and after some frustrated googling left for home in disgust. The next morning I arrived early, changed my search phrases - and found some answers straight away.

If this ever happens to you - go to the disk management snap-on - right click the offending drive and click "Import Foreign Data" - and you should find your drive is now recognised and your data is still all there.

What the dynamic and foreign nonsense is all about - god knows - I didn't even bother to find out as its ridiculous to me. But try the above which worked for me - and then contact Bill Gates for more information!

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